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Leaf Springs, Air Bags and Rubber Overloads

Although steel leaf spring overloads are no longer widely produced or used, our leaf department can easily produce these springs as a custom leaf spring order. Air bags or rubber overloads for extra load requirements are the preferred choices.

Air Bags and Air Springs

Air Bags and Air Springs for light-duty and medium-duty pickup trucks, vans, and motorhomes.

Ride-Rite™ Air Helper Springs mount between the frame and the suspension.

The heavy-duty convoluted air springs will handle all leveling needs with load carrying capacities between 3,200-5,000 lbs per set.

Rubber Overloads

Timbren Suspension Kits (SES Kits) are designed to enhance the suspension of your vehicle.

Easy to Use – Rubber cushions absorb road shocks and automatically adjust to uneven loads or road conditions.

Easy to Maintain – There are no air lines or fittings to allow leaks. Simply bolt the kit on and you are set!

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